READY SET GO! Let’s Talk Customer Service…

At least let’s talk about what MaLLett Photography is doing in the World of Photography.  Being that we are serious about how our company handle it professional chores, it’s no wonder, to the reason why as to how our customer base just keeps expanding year after year.  The number one reason is that we offer a “No Fault Policy” to each and every customer who may believe that their order is incorrect.  That’s not  a problem we say, because if it incorrect then there’s a problem.  And, we don’t want an unhappy customer.  Therefore, we solve the problem right away.  It’s done!

So, at the end of the business day, everybody is happy and we may even get a good review for our customer.  Now, that cool… wouldn’t you agree?  It’s all about customer service and satisfaction, right?

Portrait Club

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 MaLLett Photography is the “Home of the Portrait Club”. Our exclusive customer membership club affords true value hundreds of our repeat and loyal customers with discounts and freebies. The Portrait Club saves members 15%-25% on all portrait sales.  This is the idea club for customers who really enjoy being apart of a real Portrait Club that takes care of it customers.
So, to become a member, it’s as easy as, ABC… Really, you can email us and ask for your Portrait Club Card.  No problem, we’ll mail it out to you within several days. And, once you get your card the savings kicks in during your first purchase.  Alright, come on and email us at… and become a member today.




ABOUT US * Introduction to MaLLett Photography, LLC

Welcome to MaLLett Photography, LLC website!  On the behalf of our administrators and founders I want to thank you for visiting our brand new website… It’ designed to capture your interest towards the many photography styles and needs you may be seeking for your next purchase.

MaLLett Photography, LLC is a 31 year old company which had earned it reputation by performing at the highest level of perfection in the People Portrait Industry.  So, our niche and specialty are mainly People Portraits. Family * Weddings * Schools * Sports * Corporate * Models * Sweet 16s.

MaLLett Photography, LLC is also the Home of the Portrait Club, a place where the customer can enjoy savings on all portraits purchased.  As well as the place where Photographers on Call is at your finger tip whenever you need a talented photographer for those special events.  Just call us.

As you browse around the website we hope you find exactly the kind of images and services that you are looking for.  And, if by some slim chance you do not find anything.  Please give us a call at 908-349-8435 or email us at

Again thanks for visiting!