Celebrate Your Cadets

Give them something different. Your cadets deserves the best portraits from today’s best photography company.  Family members of these young cadets will want these professional portraits and will cherish them forever.  And, why not be proud of their children who has pledge to serve and protect the United States of America.  What a feeling they must have… When they see them in uniform and looking very professional.

So, here’s where MaLLett Photography, LLC come onto the screen.  It’s our job to make people look good in photographs.  More, importantly we can offer your school and families not only the best photoworks and service, but great prices to meet every family budget.  Call us for more details 908.349.8435.


Hello!!!  It’s me again!  You know, I was off the radar well over several months and during that time, I must admit that I really missed you guys.  But, I’m Back… and I have my foot on solid ground with a clear mind and ready to get back into life’s marathon.  Hopefully, you guys are still with me.  Okay, so let me get back to work!  Ready*Set*Go!!!

Today, I want to share with you about promoting and marketing yourself if you’re in some kind business venture.  So, as some of you may know, I am entrepreneur in my own right.  My baby in this lifetime other than the wife is my company, called MaLLett Photography, which is based in New Jersey, USA.  As the founder and CEO, one of many of my daily job descriptions is to bring in new business accounts to keep it financially solvent.  There are many practical technics to approach this effort towards bring in the bacon sort to speak.   Without, coming across like I am a professor with a MBA who has written the book on how to succeed in the business world.  So, let me be perfectly clear… I am not that guy!  I’m just a fellow who has been out front on the battlefield trying to win over customer for over three decades.  For the most part, I have carved out and created a proven niche that really works for me and benefits our company.

My shared thoughts on this topic is quite simple and perhaps can be use as a blue print for some of you that may need a bit of advice on how to go about getting new customers.  As I mentioned, it can be quite simple once you understand what you need to do.  First off, you should stop the cold phone calls and emails which we all believe is good way of the attention of your targeted prospect.  I feel the percentages of attracting prospects is very low.  So, my method is simple.  It’s so simple you might not want to believe it.  Are you ready to learn about it?  Well, here it is…  Do I have your undivided attention?  Find out on the next paragraph!

Okay, here’s my most effective method and a notable proven winner for bring in new customers and depositing more bacon into the business account.  So, Ready*Set* Go without further delay, I say gather all of your promo and marketing materials, grub your car keys and hit the road and visit the prospects which you want as customers in person.  You should show up and show out your talent and products directly.  You’ll be surprise that person to person connection really do work more often than you may think!