BREAKER! BREAKER! Good Buddy Are You Out There?

I thought that you wanted to talk…  So, where are you?  Answer me, I know you’re out there in the blogger’s sphere somewhere.  So, come on buddy and pick up and let’s talk.   Breaker! Breaker!  I’m here for you. Let’s talk.  Well, I guess I’m going have start this conversation without you.  Breaker! Breaker!  Where are good buddy?  Okay, just hear me out.

I remember the last time we were together you wanted to know about running a fulltime photography studio remember that you had quite a few questions for me, in fact as I further recall you had a whole lot of questions you wanted answered.  Oh yeah.  But, I did promise you that I will give you my honest opinion on the subject.  Are you out there?  Just curious… Breaker! Breaker!  I’m hoping that you are going to pick up the mic and let me know that you are in the blogger zone.

Let’s get started because this is the only time I have for you this week.  Ready or not here I go!  For me, it all started back in 1984 when I first brought my camera out.  And, had consisted of a camera, two lenses, flash and a camera bag.  Also, and most importantly, an ego and driven motivation.  After all, you… and suddenly, “I hear Breaker! Breaker! Blogger, come in Blogger it’s me Master Blogger. I am sorry I’m late.  How much of your story did I missed”?  Welcome good buddy!  Well, to tell the truth I just got started about a moment ago.  You did not miss much at all.  So, let me take from the top.

As I was saying it all started for me way back in 1984, when I first purchase my camera outfit which was about everything that I needed at the time.  Having my own equipment had me feeling like I was ready to take the world.  That’s the world of photography I mean.  So, I began to go out and photograph little bit of everything and everyone that stood still for me.  Of course, this all started out as a hobby which I found to be a fun way to keep busy and way to make a few dollars on the side.

As time went on day by day, week by week, month by month and year by… Hey you get the picture by now!  I became a better than average photographer over a year or two.  Some folks who knew of me was asking if I would photograph their babies, weddings, teams and families.  And, before I even realize it.  I was literally working like a professional.  I mean getting paid like a pro.  Yeah man, the money was good.  At this point, I was recognized as a pretty good photographer in my area.  Shortly after, I had to determine how I wanted to be call, an amateur of a professional.  You know, that decision was easy without a question.  

Breaker! Breaker! Good buddy, are you still with me? Because, you know I have a gift for conversation.  So, are you listening good buddy?  Buddy says, “Yes I’m listen continue on this story is fascinating tell me more”.  Alright now, I have more to tell you too!  Like when I open my first studio office located in the big city name Elizabeth in the northeast. Now, this is the New York city marketplace.  A place where the big boys and girls work.  I said, work!  Not, play.  In other words, you had to have game.  Like really know your photography because your portfolios is not shown in a playground or flee market.  Seriously!


To be continue soon!  I promise…