Are ready?  Because I don’t want you to miss out what I’m about say…  This message could very well be for some of so called friends as well.   So, listen up or better yet I think that pen and pad should work for you.  Okay, I’m ready to go!  As a businessman in the photography industry I have employed many folks over the years with hope and optimism that I were doing a good deed for of them.  Also, knowing that some of the employees had little or no professional skills whatsoever.  However, I made it my duty to teach and train them the necessary skills that would qualify as serious professionals.  And, I must say that I did a damn good job with them.  Some others would say that I done too good of a job whereas, the employee now acts like the employer.  Do you see where I’m going with this?  Yeah, I know you do.  You’re pretty smart and I bet you that you know what I’m about to say next.  Again, please continue to take notes because the story is about get more interesting.

Well, as time goes on and these grateful employees have learned what they consider to be the essentials and trade secrets, and suddenly they are ready try and do what I’m doing with my kind of customers.  Now, don’t that beat all?  Especially, when they up and quit on you without a real reason.  By the way, it may sound like I just talking one or two former employees, but it’s actually about half a dozen over the years.  Although this has happened, I guess, perhaps that I should that credit for their new founded abilities to turn into professional photographers with the business attitude.  Okay, what the hell why not take the credit for showing them how to become an employer just like me.  Because, it goes without saying… but I got to say it!  I taught them too damn good.  Now, they are my competitors.

A few of you note takers just maybe thinking and wanting to ask, Mr. Mallett how do you really feel about what they done after learning what they needed.  Well, let me explain it my way as best as I can.  But, before I start explaining I need to know are you still taking note?  Again, what I’m about to say really going to enlightening you regarding situations like this.  So, hear me out.

When something like this happens to a person, like me or it could be you in a similar situation.  I believe the best thing one can do is to take it all in by gathering all the facts pertaining to your case.  It’s imperative to understand the characters around you and to ascertain what motived them to move in the direction which they did.  I try to view their situation as people who have dreams and aspirations for reaching higher and doing well for themselves and their family.

Now, I know that I sound like I condone what they have done under handily, but the truth of the matter, they are not me.  Look! I see it this way.  These former employees that call themselves professionals have start their first day performing their job on day one.  Which means to that they have a long way to catch up to my 32 years of professionalism.  So, why should I be bitter when realizing that I sparked an interest with these jokers who is working as professionals because of me.  Can you dig it!  Please tell that you writing down… Alright now!



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Hi, my name is Will Mallett. I am one of two founders of MaLLett Photography, LLC. Our company is about to celebrate it's thirty first anniversary come this July 2017, and of course we are so elated about just how far we has brought this company. Today, MaLLett Photography, LLC stance in the market place suggest that we are doing something right to be a household name in many communitie which we serve. Some of our customers would say, it must be our unique concepts and innovative branding whic has propelled the company forward as a major competitor. And for the most of what they say, it's true our professional team really do work exetremely hard to provide our customers the very best products and services tha that their money can buy. So, with this combination of giving the customer of want they want and the unexpected often times keep them happy and coming back for more of the good stuff. MaLLett Photography is our name and Where Explosive Photoworks Begin is what we create frame by frame. Give us a call when you are ready! Thank you.

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