Are ready?  Because I don’t want you to miss out what I’m about say…  This message could very well be for some of so called friends as well.   So, listen up or better yet I think that pen and pad should work for you.  Okay, I’m ready to go!  As a businessman in the photography industry I have employed many folks over the years with hope and optimism that I were doing a good deed for of them.  Also, knowing that some of the employees had little or no professional skills whatsoever.  However, I made it my duty to teach and train them the necessary skills that would qualify as serious professionals.  And, I must say that I did a damn good job with them.  Some others would say that I done too good of a job whereas, the employee now acts like the employer.  Do you see where I’m going with this?  Yeah, I know you do.  You’re pretty smart and I bet you that you know what I’m about to say next.  Again, please continue to take notes because the story is about get more interesting.

Well, as time goes on and these grateful employees have learned what they consider to be the essentials and trade secrets, and suddenly they are ready try and do what I’m doing with my kind of customers.  Now, don’t that beat all?  Especially, when they up and quit on you without a real reason.  By the way, it may sound like I just talking one or two former employees, but it’s actually about half a dozen over the years.  Although this has happened, I guess, perhaps that I should that credit for their new founded abilities to turn into professional photographers with the business attitude.  Okay, what the hell why not take the credit for showing them how to become an employer just like me.  Because, it goes without saying… but I got to say it!  I taught them too damn good.  Now, they are my competitors.

A few of you note takers just maybe thinking and wanting to ask, Mr. Mallett how do you really feel about what they done after learning what they needed.  Well, let me explain it my way as best as I can.  But, before I start explaining I need to know are you still taking note?  Again, what I’m about to say really going to enlightening you regarding situations like this.  So, hear me out.

When something like this happens to a person, like me or it could be you in a similar situation.  I believe the best thing one can do is to take it all in by gathering all the facts pertaining to your case.  It’s imperative to understand the characters around you and to ascertain what motived them to move in the direction which they did.  I try to view their situation as people who have dreams and aspirations for reaching higher and doing well for themselves and their family.

Now, I know that I sound like I condone what they have done under handily, but the truth of the matter, they are not me.  Look! I see it this way.  These former employees that call themselves professionals have start their first day performing their job on day one.  Which means to that they have a long way to catch up to my 32 years of professionalism.  So, why should I be bitter when realizing that I sparked an interest with these jokers who is working as professionals because of me.  Can you dig it!  Please tell that you writing down… Alright now!



In just a few weeks Mallett Photography will be Rock N’ & Roll N’


Summer in almost over and our staff is cranking it up to hit the pavement in search of new opportunities.  And, guess what?  I’m so happy and excited about the whole idea that it hustling time.  After all, if we’re not out early like the early birds there will not be any left overs to be had.  Of course, it really not the left over that we are looking for… We’re looking for the same customers that the early birds in search of as well.  It’s what fill the company’s bank account.

So, in a short few weeks MaLLett Photography will be taking on all kind of photography activities such as, school, sport teams, family events and holiday portraits.  Yes, this is our busiest time of year.  Now, one the most important duties I have as CEO of this company is to motivate and inspire my staff to put on their happy face and step it up and bring in those sales and take good care of those customers along the way.  I hope that they buy into the vision that they will benefit too from all the hard work.  I have to ensure them that their contributions will not go unnoticed by rewarding them with bonusses and incentives based on performance.  Perhaps, I can put together a few getaway trips for the top go getters.  What you think?  Maybe a cash bonus package.  Something like you see on the TV show Let’s Make Deal.  Yeah, that should work.  Now, that’s call motivation… Giving them a great reason to work harder, but if they do it right they can work smarter, instead of harder you know what I mean?

I like this plan of action.  Can’t wait for tomorrow to let them all know what’s up!


The SWITCH is ON!!!

Just like that!  And, one by one it starting to happening just as we had hope that it would.  After spending literally months out in the field this Summer pounding the pavement and going door to door with our product in hand, while trying to convince prospects to become customers by making the switch to MaLLett Photography.  You know it not easy to meet and greet new people that you don’t know when canvasing new territory for new business.  But, when you get lucky or whatever you want to call it. Your confident level rises to the clouds.  Oh what a feeling!  Because, it was you who affected that prospect with your sales pitch towards becoming a customer.

Now, you’re realize that you have what it takes to bring in business for the company.  And, suddenly you get more calls and emails informing you that more new customers want you to service them too!  After, all your hard work and planting business seeds for future spouting it seem you harvest has come in.  Thank God!!!!!  The switch is on… And, that’s the way I like it.


Calling all Photographs… Class is about to Start!

I’m putting out the call to all you aspiring up and coming photographers out there, and just may be looking for several lessons or more.  Well, here’s is your chance to take advantage of an opportunity that you might only run across in a lifetime.  For the moment, it’s free photography lessons that is designed to help you get to that next level.  Our training program is actually titled Photographers on Call, simply because we want all kinds of folks with cameras really understand the true essence of photography.

Photographers on Call will be an important platform which will host many subjects, styles, technics and markets for each photographer to embrace. You see, the concept of photography goes beyond the everyday thought of just taking pictures.  It can be that special hobby or profession which will elevate your interperson to get deeper into the world of photography. And, by all means, that’s a good thing because at this point you’re moving the right direction of becoming a great photographer.

So, my mission is to introduce you to some basic theory on photography that wil be applied every time you use your camera.  These theories will be what you learn and digest in your memory bank to fuel off when taking pictures.  Photography is a science, although many photographers have found some luck in it and manage to call themselves photographers.  To be fair to all professions I think there are many occupations where folks can fake their character role in real life situations.  For example, you have heard of fake  Doctors, Teacher, Policeman, Mechanics, Peachers and litrerally thousands other fake whatevers out here.  But again, I don’t want you and other students to fake to make it as photographers.  So, remember what mention earlier, photography is a science and the numbers inside and out which displays on your camera coincide and backup the science statement.

Having stated, all of the above I feel we can prepare for our first class starting next Tuesday and every Tuesday for the next 8 weeks. The date is August 8th, to be exact. Also, please do not forget to bring your cameras and recorders to class… Okay, until then see you soon.