Making the best of your time

Hard work pays off in just about any job or studies you encounter.  How true it is when the early bird catches the worm.  Especially, after a good rainfall when the worms are plentiful.  It’s amazing that a small feathered bird has gets this concept when so many humans don’t.  Think about it.  Okay, time out… Am I right or what?  I brings this subject up because I know quite a few people that need to understand just what all this means when it comes to handling business and personal matters.

You see, there are many people in the world today believes that TIME stands still just for them.  In other words, they think the world stop and start at their command.  But, the truth is that no one can hold back TIME, because TIME is a constant movement which never stops.  So, when a second is missed it cannot be caught up with, and whoever is chasing it will never catch the second they lost.   This is all due to the fact, that second you should had use ticked away.  It’s gone!

Alright, so the moral of this article is to suggest, that people should handle serious matters in the moment.  After all the moment is a second you know!

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