Where Explosive Photoworks Begin!

It’s our company’s slogan which has been associated with MaLLett Photography for over thirty two years.  It’s just as important to the company’s brand and the name MaLLett Photography, itself.  The two really do compliment one an other. For years now, I have always thought the two was as compatiably matched like BMW and the “Ultimate Driving Machine”.  So, when I think of MaLLett Photography it is the place “Where Explosive Photoworks Begin”, and with good reason because we  work hard to bring our customers the very best that money can buy.  We are no different than GE or the General Electric company, they say “We’d Bring Good Things to Life.”  After all, this is what each customers really deserve?

Hi there! Please allow me to reintroduce myself… I am Will J. Mallett and the CEO of MaLLett Photography, LLC which is presently located in Union, NJ.  As the CEO, one of my duties is to reach out to new prospects and customers and bringing awareness to our company.  Now, this task has not always been easy to do, but it’s a job I have to do.  So, let me start off by informing you right now in your neighborhood, city and state, MaLLett Photography is here and ready to create just the kind of photoworks you’ve been seeking.  Now, that’s what I believe!

Then again, perhaps professional photoworks may not be as important to folks as they once were before digital cameras and smart phones photos.  I must admit that these new age devices are impressive, and even producing good looking pictures. However, there is a real problem for most users of consumer cameras… The problem as I see it, is that about 99% of those pictures taken from these devices are hung up in the digital cloud and on a computer screen or a SD card and never get produce into a real portrait for sharing and displaying in the home.  My Question for you?  What good is that if you do not have a hard copy of a portrait that is meant to be viewed by your family and friends.   Think about that, while I swing down to the last paragraph.

So, I ask you if only the best will do and you really want great looking pictures, then call MaLLett Photography to make your appointment now!  And, experience the place Where Explosive Photoworks Begin. Trust me, you’re going to love the way you look.  I hope to see soon and thanks for your time.




Making the best of your time

Hard work pays off in just about any job or studies you encounter.  How true it is when the early bird catches the worm.  Especially, after a good rainfall when the worms are plentiful.  It’s amazing that a small feathered bird has gets this concept when so many humans don’t.  Think about it.  Okay, time out… Am I right or what?  I brings this subject up because I know quite a few people that need to understand just what all this means when it comes to handling business and personal matters.

You see, there are many people in the world today believes that TIME stands still just for them.  In other words, they think the world stop and start at their command.  But, the truth is that no one can hold back TIME, because TIME is a constant movement which never stops.  So, when a second is missed it cannot be caught up with, and whoever is chasing it will never catch the second they lost.   This is all due to the fact, that second you should had use ticked away.  It’s gone!

Alright, so the moral of this article is to suggest, that people should handle serious matters in the moment.  After all the moment is a second you know!

Another Milestone on the Horizon!

Would you believe it will be thirty two years as of July 9th, since signing the dotted line to bring MaLLett Photography into the business world.  Yes, we are literally talking three decades plus two years which MaLLett Photography has endured in an industry that have witness many up and downs and turbulent times all within a precarious economy.  Wow… just thinking about the journey and the pathway we navigated to get where MaLLett photography is today, makes me wonder and reflect on all the hard work, long hours and sacrifice my family and I invested in this unique company.

Let me say, the forewords prior to this statement regarding long hours and sacrifice should not be taken likely.  After all, those words should be an important part of your inner ambition to help generate motivations toward accomplishing your business goal.  I can personally attest to this very fact, that hard work, long hours and much sacrifice propelled me into becoming a damn good photographer, salesman and marketer.  And, in any business one must exemplify these traits that embodies a DNA mixture which will ignites that entrepreneur spark to success.

So, I started out informing you all about MaLLett Photography’s 32nd year milestone and somehow ended up sharing a few fruitful hints on how to work towards being successful in business.  The formula and theory is nothing new to you, and I’m pretty  sure that you’ve heard this or something like this before…   So, just do it!  Well, I’m a believer in my own words, so I’m going to get busy and just do it, and work towards another 32 years.  Okay!  Good luck with yours…