So you want More! Okay then…

No problem.  Just let me know what kind of Photography topics that interest you out there in Blogger Sphere. I know, my statement may sound like I know everything in this area. But that’s not the case at all, however I feel my thirty two years in the industry has educated me enough teach other confidently on many related photography issues.

For example, I call myself a People Photographer which means I like shooting Families, Weddings, Schools, Models and etc… Oh, I think that you get the picture.  So, now that we’re on the same page, you should know each of the markets that I chose to dabble in are totally different.  Each one of them require special skill sets where my approach must be suitable to the particular shoot.  Please take note of the above images are a few sample which idenifies specific markets.

Again, let me be clear I’m saying that I know everything, but I can be a pretty good resource for some of you who may be search for helpful hints.  Alright, let start a dialogue.  Get back to me.


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Lesson 2 Camera Settings

  • Good day students and curious visitors.  Welcome to the 2nd lesson on learning how to set your camera functions for the correct exposure to rendered great color, contrast  and depth of field.  It’s all in the numbers… So, a little math knowledge would be helpful when it comes to the coupling of the ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture.  Knowing just how these three vital components perform together is paramount and more importantly your understanding of these settings will make you a much smarter photographer. So, students are we clear on what we’re going to be discussing today?  Good, so let’s get going.  You may recall during our 1st class discussion,  I asked you all to look over your camera figure out just what those buttons and numbers mean.  I trust that most of you made the attempt to do just that.  So, I’m assuming that you all are ready for the lesson.   And now, I can proceed with today’s lesson.

Here’s the scenario for our photo shoot.  We have a young female model who needs a head shot for a casting interview.  This photos will be taken in our studio where we have everything that’s needed to help us produce a high quality photo.  As the model is getting ready in the dressing room.  You should be setting up the lights background and camera.  So, class, once you handle those details.  The next thing you should do is measure the light output for your strobes.  Preferable with a Light Meter for accuracy.  Now, you must determine what the camera settings going to be.  In this case, for the sake of argument, I’ll make that call for this particular shoot.

Alright, I have my camera in hand, and then I set my settings beginning the ISO at 200, the shutter at 125th of a second and the aperture at f8. For me, using this coupling combination I am certain to get great looking pictures.   Since, this is an inside shoot so my settings will also be in Manual Mode due the use of strobe lighting.  It’s important to remember that the Automatic Mode will not work properly while photographing indoors, because your images will go out of focus and under exposed due to the unstable settings the camera will interpret within the room.

Of course there is more than one way to set up your camera to achieve great looking pictures.   This is a basic set up that truly works when you’re trying get a magazine like image that is colorful and less noisy with that grainy look.  Remember, low speed ISO setting gives you rich vivid color as oppose to the high speed ISO settings.  Okay, so that’s it for now! Thanks…







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Hello! Is Anybody Out There?

It’s me again. And, I wonder is anybody out there in blogger’s world? Oh yeah, I see you now. Since you are here and in my sights I might as well tell you what going on with MaLLett Photography,LLC. As of June 1st, we have been running our annual Portraithon. The Portraithon is an ongoing summer portrait event which our company has been hosting for about 15 years. We challenge our customer to try us out anytime of the day or night for their convenience. You see, remove all the obstalces regarding time in their schedule. For the most part it really do works in the customer’s favor. So for all the local prospects living in my neighborhood feel free to Make Yopur Appointment Now! And, catch the Portraithon before time runs out. (908) 349-8435 Are you still there? Good, then call us today.

Lesson 1… Camera Settings

Okay, let’s get started and grab your SLR 35mm camera. It can be film or digital it really doesn’t matter. They both work the same way in principle and design. So, assuming that all who is interested in gaining more clarity and understanding the functionality of basic camera elements. Will find this class just right for you. Now with that said, I can begin this lesson by providing some basic information on how to take great pictures.

Okay. Class is session! So, grab your camera and embrace it, look it over and become familiar with it as if were your best friend which will take out to every job. I know, it sounds romantic, but think about it for a second, this kind of relationship needs to be true. Because, you and your camera will work as partners when creating those great pictures.

Question for you. Who’s the brains of this partnership? Yeah, I got you thinking again, uh. You’re actually right! The partnership is equal. So, back to my point, it’s the photographer who set up the camera by determining the proper settings before aiming,focusing and pushing the shutter button. Moreover, the photographer must have a keen knowledge of what all numerical camera settings mean. And, it’s your camera which has all the build in technical capabilities for you to utilizes in capturing beautiful photographs you seek.

Believe me, when photographing in the Manual Mode these camera setting holds truth to reality, as oppose to the Auto Program Mode. My personal view regarding which Camera Mode is the best to learn photography is that the Manuel Mode Setting allows you as a student to think as a knowledgeable photographer. And, in this case, the photographer will not have to depend of the camera’s automation mode to help them out.

Hopefully, you get what I am saying… Because, if you chose to photograph in Auto Program Modes, then I feel that you’re really not learning how to become a bonafide photographer. Again, I hope that you share my opinion on this issue.

Mine O’ mine. Look, where have the time gone? Well, I feel that we got off to a great start today with our first lesson, at least in matter understanding what the course will be about. But hold on, the class is not dismiss yet, because I do have a little homework for you. Don’t worry you can handle it. Your assignment is to look over your camera and examine all the setting buttons, such as, the Shutter Speed, ISO, and Aperture which are three moveable functions that make a huge difference towards getting great pictures. So, assignment is simple, but imperative. Alright, I’ll see you soon!