Now That I Have My Camera

You want to put it to use! Hi my name is Will Mallett of MaLLett Photography, and I say as professional “you must put that camera to use” after all what other reason do you have for owning it? So, let me help you get started by providing you with real tips and advice. I hope to be informative and impactful towards helping you find yourself in this wonderful world of photography.

My lesson plan will be just like any school course. I will cover general photography that will be easy to understand and perform. For example starting with the most basic of lesson, such as learning the various settings on your SLR camera. This is the premise and the ground floor where learning becomes imperative for beginners. And from there we discuss more advance subjects that will put you on a the path to becoming a better than average photographer.

So, my friends stay tune and look out for my first lesson understanding my camera settings. Think about it? Now that I have my camera how do I use it?

Wedding Pictures On A Layaway!

Let us put your Wedding Day Portraits on our one year Layaway Plan. Hey, I’m just saying… this concept is nothing new, and it makes perfect sense, especially if your portrait studio is offering the opportunity purchase a professional package with everything you need.

At MaLLett Photography we have some old school beliefs, and that is making it easy to use our services without straining our our customer’s wallet by forcing them settle their balances all within several payments. We feel our customers have so many other concerns other than their wedding pictures, therefore we can relieve some the financial stress during their wedding plan process.

Hopefully, our thinking ties in with yours. Because, nowadays money is more tighter than ever and every kind of purchase just cannot be paid for at once. Am I right or what? So why not consider MaLLett Photography when planning your wedding day? The layaway plan is yours for the asking. One thing is for sure your wedding day portraits will the best that money can buy. I can certainly guarantee that… And, it easy to say it because we have over 30 years of real experience in this area.

Also, let’s not forget our Portrait Club which exclusively designed to save you money from the time that you reserve your big date. Imagine, you can save 20% off your Wedding Package without asking.
Now I ask you, Do you like the plan? If so, come on Make Your Appointment Now!

READY SET GO! Let’s Talk Customer Service…

At least let’s talk about what MaLLett Photography is doing in the World of Photography.  Being that we are serious about how our company handle it professional chores, it’s no wonder, to the reason why as to how our customer base just keeps expanding year after year.  The number one reason is that we offer a “No Fault Policy” to each and every customer who may believe that their order is incorrect.  That’s not  a problem we say, because if it incorrect then there’s a problem.  And, we don’t want an unhappy customer.  Therefore, we solve the problem right away.  It’s done!

So, at the end of the business day, everybody is happy and we may even get a good review for our customer.  Now, that cool… wouldn’t you agree?  It’s all about customer service and satisfaction, right?